Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Steven Moffat Talks about River Song in Series 7

Head-writer and showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed in an interview earlier in the week of the return of River Song (previously confirmed by Karen Gillan at Collectormania 2012 and confirmed by filming pictures). He Spoke about how Series 6 covered her 'big' story and this will be one of her smaller ones.

When talking about River's return in episode five, exec-producer Caroline Skinner said: "She's so the queen of mischief in this episode."

Steven Moffat also commented on the departure of both Amy and Rory, which will also occur in the New York-set episode five, and the later introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman's new companion.

"When you start that story again, you've got a fresh take on it," he said. "You've got someone who's bemused by him, who doesn't know he has two hearts, and you meet him again through their eyes."



Andrew Davies-Land said...

I really hope Amy & Rory's departure doesn't mean we wont see river any more..

Pete Caldwell said...

I agree, River is quite possibly the most fully realized, intriguing, interesting exciting and all around fun characters ever created in the Doctor Whoniverse. I honestly hope we see River pop up at least once (pref more!) in ever series of Doctor Who and spin off fiction as long as it continues. And I hope we get to see Alex Kingston in the role for years to come (I love her - she s the perfect gal embodied - fun, frisky, and always something new and surprising up her sleeve - or various other articles of clothing. Her naughty twinkle in her eye is intoxicating, and I love that her character is so flexible and given her time lady-esque character she could have conceivably already have been part of Who history tho we may not have been aware of it. This is an angle I really hope they exploit the 50th Anniv Series - and that River will feature heavily in whatever nostalgia trips back thru time that we take, hopefully via classic clips from all the Docs and clever CGI used to insert River and Matt in scenes we already know as they go on a mad cap quest through the Doctors personal time streams. How fun and wacky and timey wimpy to see River actually meet the past Doctors! Throw in K9 and I'm already excitedly awaiting the series! :-) but yes, back to the original point - just because Amy and Rory are go e, there's no reason River shouldn't still be as much a part of the TARDIS crew now and then, and most definitely should be! :-) I was hoping back when they were going to announce the new companion that it would be Alex Kingston, signed for a whole series so we'd get to see her younger self travel with the Doctor and forge the bond they have. And was hoping current/older River would still pop up - that's one character that we really need to see visit herself and break in her you get less experienced self to the ways of the universes and adventures to come. There's so much to do with Rivers character - so please bring her back, and often too!!! And if any character of Moffat era Who deserved - and could carry - a spin off, it would be River (Alex Kingston's of course! But no reason other Rivers - including arch nemesis evil River to show up now and them to hake things up!