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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Steven Moffat Says No to Returning Classic Villain the Rani

Steven Moffat told SFX in its newest issue that Rani will not be making a return to new who, the reason "...No one knows who the Rani is.." That was his response to the question of if he wants Rani to make a return. 

Moffat continued to say "They all know who the Master is, they know Daleks, they probably know who Davros is, but they don't know who the Rani is, so there's no point in bringing her back. If there's a line it's probably somewhere there."

He followed up with the fact that bringing back old villains can be effective for Doctor Who, but said he doesn't want to overly rely on the past. 

"Even people who don't know the past very well get thrilled by the idea that you've brought something back," he explained. "Everyone got very excited - and by everyone I mean real people - when the Master came back, even though most people could barely remember him."

Moffat concluded saying "It has to be self-explanatory, it has to be free-standing, it has to be clear for everybody. If I did the Meddling Monk teaming up with Mavic Chen's daughter and the Krotons then yeah, that's too much, because no one gives a toss." (By the way I think this would be amazing!)

I just hope they will bring back the Ice Warriors. 


Andrew Davies-Land said...

I don't think its fair to make the assumption, i am a new Who fan i will admit. never bothered with the classic series much but I have watched a few episodes of classic doctors which were brilliant. When season 3 came along, i had no idea who the master was (this was before I watched the paul mcgann tv movie) but i still found it entertaining. and things like who people are etc, can be explained by the doctor or even the character them selves. as was with the master..

globutl said...

Well I've see all of the old show and there's nothing wrong with bringing an old character back maybe once in a while but the Moff should stick to new characters and stories.

Fezmeister said...

I don't understand his reasoning. When the Master returned, he states that "most people could barely remember him." Why can't this be the case with the Rani?

Combom Pazza said...

so as moff is such a liar, shes back in s7!

Jason said...

Don't think anyone who only watches the new series knew who the Silurians, the Master, the Macra or the Sontarans were. Not really sure why its a problem for the Rani. That said, I don't care about the Rani, I just want Zygons.

James Walker said...

so... no Kandyman, then?

Scott Hauenstein said...

So Mr. Moffat can't re-introduce the Rani!? How hard can it be to share the character's background with new audiences? Old fans will delight at seeing the Rani again, and new fans will be introduced to an interesting villain from the Doctor's past. But, no, that'd be silly...we need so many more Weeping Angel and River Song episodes instead. *eye-roll*

Zee Jai said...

He's baiting people who actually care about Doctor Who - i.e. "fans" - whilst promoting his own diluted, bland, Doctor Who-for-people-who-read-Heat-Magazine bollocks. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Of course you could reintroduce such a character - if it was felt to be a good idea to begin with.

Instead of bashing Moff for underestimating the viewer - why not read between the lines?.

Perhaps Moff is diplomatically suggesting there was no general audience left watching by 1985 - and the stories were poor..