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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Who could this *Other* Redhead be? Another Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks Photo Released

We've had the above photo out for a number of days and one of the questions on a few people minds are "Who's the other redhead?" Albeit, it's not been asked that much. But now, the photo below (which featured in SFX) is out. 

It's said that this is "Dalek “agent” Darla". Take of this what you will.


Jason said...

Ah so this must be the woman everyones talking about, apparently shes quite important to the series.

Brian Stultz said...

Does Davros somehow have a daughter?

Sander Famil said...

Well in the trailer there is a male in similar clothing shown pushing the Doctor, Amy and Rory onto to the snowplanet (Skaro?). I'm not sure if this woman has a Dalek-eye in her forehead or an eye like Davros. Maybe she's a Thal or a Kaled?

Jill McLaren said...

Maybe it IS Davros and he's somehow regenerated. With Doctor Who anything can happen!

Deacon1979 said...

It's a Dalek agent, they have been in classic who before (Resurrection of the Daleks), they didnt have the glowing eye (their helmets resembles the eye stalks instead) but they're likely just upgraded versions as the old ones were said to be "unstable"