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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Torchwood Miracle Day UK Transmission - Good News & Bad

The BBC press office have released news of programs for week 28, 9th-15th of July 2011, and there is still no mention of Torchwood Miracle Day - thats the bad news.


So the good news? Nothing is shown for transmission at the 9pm slot, plus the BBC are now promoting Torchwood Miracle Day as On in July, so I still suspect its on Saturday 9th July at 9pm on BBC1 - this is a educated guess though, so please don't confuse it with fact!

I do think the BBC are going to tell us this sometime in the near future, and the last thing the BBC want is us to have seen it through sites downloads from like this one, we would all rather watch it on the BBC! More news as it happens!


doctorwhofan82 said...

I think This series might not air until Tuesday 12th July, as Luther ends the week before and torchwood maybe taking it's place on the tuesday schedules. As they have been branding Luther as original british drama as they have also been branding miracle day that also.

richard.tann-watson said...

Unfortunately, I can't remember where the article I read about this was, but I saw one only a couple of days ago on the BBC, I think, which gave the transmission date for America, and then said it would be "Broadcast later in the Summer" over here. I'm hoping they don't mean too much later.