Friday, 26 August 2011

Doctor Who 608 "Let's Kill Hitler" International Live Feed

Who loves you, and who do you love?

So you are outside the UK and want to watch Doctor Who 608 "Let's Kill Hitler" as it is transmitted on BBC One? Yes, it's always a problem for international fans, but what can we do about it?

We on Life, Doctor Who & Combom will be running our usual BBC One international live feed on Saturday so you can watch it. Would you expect anything less from us?

PCJonathan has tested it, and it's all sexy and working. Let's just hope there are no spanners thrown into the works! (If you recall during one week of Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1, it had bandwidth problems, but all other weeks were 100%, and we expect nothing but the best.) Even if there is an unforeseeable problem, we'll still post our usual download and, later, a streaming video.

To activate the live feed, we will be providing a download script-link-thing you need at 6:00 PM (that's UK time) on Saturday. So watch this space, and remember which site loves you more than the rest.

While you wait for Saturday, go here, and install the correct version of VLC for your operating system. If you don't understand something, try reading the manual; it's all there and is pretty straightforward. Our script will make watching it very simple, so don't worry about finding the channel or feed. We will provide you with instructions.

In the meantime, enjoy all of our "Let's Kill Hitler"-related content.


Cheyenne said...

I'd like to seriously thank you guys. I'll be on the East Coast of the US, and when BBC America is airing DW the eye of Hurricane Irene will be over my house. So this might just get me through. :) Much appreciation.

AcmSpud said...

Set my clocks for... 11:50. Thank you, Combom, PCJonathan & Co!!!

Speilbilde said...

Thank you guys SO MUCH! I was hoping for this. :) You definitively made my Saturday.

Link said...

You guys are awesome!

Emma said...

Thank you guys so much! I'm in the U.S. and my cable doesn't include BBCA so my only chance of seeing this today is online or waiting until the DVDs come out! I'm very grateful to you all. You've made my day! =]

saints-baby said...

I'm on eastern time and am confused at what time I will be able to watch the stream. Any help?

10thPlanet said...

You need to understand that the US and the UK exist on different planes of time and space. Here, where I live, it is 5:30. In the UK, however, it is 10:30. As it turns out, the episode aired at 7:10.

In brief, get here on time.